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How To Fly Without Wings

Yesterday my wife Rocky and I were having an adventure day in Queenstown, New Zealand, which happens to be the adventure capital of the world. There are so many options, we couldn’t possibly squeeze them into our short, few days in town. Rocky wanted to break through her fear and decided to do the tallest […]

Think Yourself Happy Change #5: Gratitude

Gratitude is appreciation in the now. It is love for what is. It is a state of grace. Living in gratitude is the perpetual act of being thankful. This state is also one of the deepest, most meaningful and sustainable forms of happiness there is. This feeling is available to you at any time you […]

Think Yourself Happy Change #4: Perspective

A friend of my son Tanner, whose dad is a well-known celebrity, was at our house complaining that someone had stepped on his new shoes earlier that day. He was still very bent about the incident even several hours later. Tanner replied that he had only two pair of casual shoes, and told his friend […]