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Darren Kavinoky

Attorney, TV Host and Founder of 1.800.NoCuffs
“Greg Jacobson has done a masterful job of outlining specific, actionable tools to allow people to create happiness regardless of circumstances.”

Jason Gary

Award Winning Cinematographer
“Greg has an amazing way of empowering people to take immediate action and achieve extraordinary results.”

Jeffrey Hayzlett

Primetime TV & Podcast Host, Chairman C-Suite Network
“Happy people equals happy business! Greg Jacobson shows you how to make it bigger, and gain more profits for your business.”

Dr. Yulia Lutchyn

Microsoft Consumer Behavior Researcher
“Greg’s information isn’t a lecture, it’s like getting good advice from an intelligent friend.”

Alex Tuira

CEO of Ngākau Aroha Investments Ltd.
“The content is clear, concise and powerful.”

Dave Albin

CEO Firewalk Adventures
“I appreciate that the information isn’t ‘turn your frown upside down’ type of advice, and is based on decades of Positive Psychology research.”

Forbes Riley

Celebrity TV Host and Author
“When you learn the principles in this book, your entire life will change.  He is a great mentor.”

Bob Kaehler

Three-time Olympian and Four-time World Champion Rower
“Happiness is not a random occurrence.  Planned, focused and consistent thinking is what makes it happen and that thinking does not falter under varying external conditions.  The foundations necessary to make happiness your daily experience are found in this book.”

Alison Curwen-Williams

Event Management & Consultant, 4 Corners Productions Inc
“Greg Jacobson is an incredible speaker. The feedback from the audience was overwhelmingly positive. He is engaging and effective and above all, a joy to work with.”

Dr. Homayoun Sadeghi

Author, ‘The Art of Healthy Living’
“Now here’s profound wisdom expressed plainly and eloquently. I just love this book, it’s brilliant.”

Bill Horan

Secrets of Success Radio Host
“If there is one book you are going to get this year, this decade, or this lifetime, do yourself a favor and get this book, it will change your life! I’ve found it’s changed me and the people I’m talking to about it, it’s changed them too.”

Nick Kho

CEO & Co-Founder of Real Social Dynamics (RSD)
“Greg wrote a book that is very inspiring for people who are interested in living a highly fulfilled life.  He has a very genuine interest in adding value and love to everyone that he interacts with.  Anyone who is interested in learning how to network with high-profile individuals, Greg is the go to.”

Ric Bachrach

Chief Executive Officer – Celebrity Focus, Inc.
Greg Jacobson is an honest man. He is a rare person in these times, who sees the landscape around him clearly and communicates with both friends and business relationships without skew. He does a great job observing, understanding, evaluating and then making solid recommendations. There is no sugar-coating, nor hand holding. He’s a pro’s pro and I work with him every time the opportunity presents itself.”